Losing weight

We must eat to live. Food is the fuel which our bodies need to keep functioning. There is of course, only one way to lose weight. You must use up more calories of energy than you consume. There is no magic pill or fad food that can change that basic arithmetic.

If only that was as simple in practice as it is in theory.......

Why do diets not work?

Everyone who wants to lose weight  has tried dieting at some time, and many people do achieve weight loss, at least for a time. However, the discipline of maintaining that progress is beyond most people. Put simply, the decision to diet or to lose weight comes from the logical, conscious part of the mind. Unfortunately, for many people the urge to eat is more from the emotional, subconscious part! The logical part says "let's be sensible!" but the emotional part says "cream cakes please!".  So it becomes a cycle; feel bad, diet, eat, feel guilty; and the weight goes down and up, down and up, but more usually, we just give up and stay overweight.

How does hypnotherapy work?

SlimHypnotherapy works by addressing the subconscious part of the mind - the emotional part, the part that craves comfort through food. Suggestions are given that motivate a positive attitude to food, exercise and body image.

The process is quite simple, and only four sessions are usually required, provided that the eating habit is not a symptom of an anxiety disorder, in which case a course of hypno-psychotherapy, usually 6 - 10 sessions, will be required to achieve permanent change.

The virtual gastric band

Virtual Gastric Band is a new and specialised form of suggestion therapy which is suitable for patients who are not suffering from an underlying anxiety issue but merely need to change their attitude to food - eating smaller meals and exercising more frequently.

Virtual Gastric BandThe treatments are delivered in four weekly sessions and the participant believes that they have undergone bariatric surgery in the first session to reduce the stomach to the size of a golf ball. This is followed by three further sessions which deal with the psychological triggers that could allow a person to overeat. Feedback shows that the hypnotherapy is like ‘flicking a switch in the brain’, turning off cravings and eating only until satisfied. The Virtual Gastric Band has received much attention in the UK, attracting people from all over the country to undergo the treatments which have a 95% success rate*.

* Results based on 2 UK trials. The first trial saw 24 out of 25 candidates lose an astounding 190lb in 5 weeks. This result attracted the attention of a General Practitioner in Beverley, East Yorkshire, England and a second trial was conducted with 12 of his patients who had been removed from the bariatric surgery waiting list on the UK’s National Health Services (NHS) list. Again 95% of the group experienced a positive result.

Having been trained in this process by Shelia Granger, I am very excited at the prospect of being able to help my clients to lose weight in this way. There is nothing magical or mystical about hypnotherapy, instead it is a method that enables a person to help themselves. Sheila is the only hypnotherapist in the world to have conducted trials for weight loss via hypnotherapy.

Sheila Granger says: “I am passionate about promoting the benefits of hypnotherapy and allaying the misconceptions associated with stage hypnosis. I believe that the ‘Virtual Gastric Band’ can revolutionise weight-loss around the world. I know this because I have proven its effectiveness in two trials conducted in the UK.”

Obesity costs the the British NHS £4.3Billion per year and there are a number of treatments already available via the NHS there – none of which deal specifically with the psychological triggers that cause a person to gain weight. The Virtual Gastric Band does, the benefits have been proven and now people worldwide are taking hypnotherapy seriously.