Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Why people smoke

Most people smoke because they enjoy it. Even if they do not particularly like the taste and smell, they have come to associate smoking with a particular good feeling – commonly one of relaxation, or just a bit of “me time”. Over time, the subconscious mind comes to believe that the only way the pleasant feeling can be achieved is via a cigarette.

Cigarette buttOddly enough, the only drug in a cigarette is the insecticidal alkaloid nicotine, which actually has a slightly stimulant effect. So how can this stimulant drug apparently cause relaxation in so many people? The truth is that it does not. Something else is going on here. The mind is playing tricks on itself! This is where hypnotherapy can help. We need to re-program the mind and the thinking process around tobacco.

What about cravings?

Nicotine is metabolised by the body relatively quickly. Anyone who was truly addicted to nicotine would have to keep smoking constantly in order to keep the levels in their body at a sufficiently high level. What causes the craving for a cigarette is, in my view, actually a craving for the particular pleasant feeling discussed in the paragraphs above. The problem with the chewing gum and patches is that they replace the nicotine, which you were probably not addicted to anyway, but not the pleasant feeling you used to get from smoking! It’s the worst of all worlds! A stimulant (nicotine) to make you feel “wired”, but there is no pleasant feeling, and you pay an ongoing financial cost for the privilege. The craving is still there so you buy more gum, more patches. You have replaced one habit with another, but you don’t feel satisfied. There is a better way.........

How can hypnotherapy and NLP be so effective?

The hypnotherapy approach also replaces one habit with another, but in this case it is a habit that lets you keep the same good feelings that you used to get from smoking! 

Keep the good feelingsI will show you NLP techniques which allow you to quickly and effortlessly access the particular good feeling that you associate with smoking, but without the need for a cigarette. Imagine being able to relax almost instantly, wherever and whenever you want to.  It’s a lot easier than most people think it will be. 

The next stage is to use the hypnotic state to access the deeper, subconscious mind. This is the part of the mind where the old smoking habit is rooted – and it is the place where we install the new non-smoking way of getting the same good feeling.  The hypnotic session is recorded on as an MP3 file so you can play it repeatedly at your leisure, thus getting repeated suggestion into the subconscious mind and meaning there is usually no need for further sessions. (CD copies can be supplied, for a small charge, if requested). The job is done. It just needs a bit of repetition for the first week or two to make sure the message has got through to the subconscious. After all, you probably spent many years learning how to smoke. You became very good at it, and it takes a little while to learn a new way of doing things! 

The second session is available free of charge for anyone who has difficulty but the fact is the vast majority of people find it incredibly easy! If you practice the technique you are given and listen to your CD you should have no problems at all.

Is this treatment suitable for everyone?

See the general FAQ for information about hypnotherapy and the medical conditions in which hypnosis is contraindicated. Other than those,  the only smokers who will not benefit from this approach are those having a background anxiety problem causing them to smoke. In this type of case, hypno-psychotherapy is indicated, which is a longer procedure. It is necessary to find the cause of the anxiety and deal with that, as the smoking is only a symptom of a deeper problem. Failure to do this will result in the therapy not working or worse still, the smoking habit being replaced by something else, such as eating! Feel free to contact me for more information.