Solution-focussed hypnotherapy

Solution-focussed Hypnotherapy is based on the traditional "suggestion" therapy offered by all hypnotherapists. Typically it takes one to four sessions depending on the individual and on the type of problem being treated.

CandlesIt is most effective for smoking, which can usually be dealt with in one session, and with unwanted habits generally, provided there is no underlying anxiety attached to the habit. 

Where general anxiety is present, I strongly advise hypno-psychotherapy, as this tackles the root cause of the anxiety, of which the habit may be just a symptom. If the root cause is not treated, the change may not be permanent, or another symptom may appear as a substitute for the original one. Most of us know someone who has given up smoking (with hypnosis or by other means) and taken up over-eating instead!

What does it involve?

The priorities for the first appointment are to determine exactly what the problem is, when it happens, when it doesn't happen and what appears to trigger it when it does happen; more importantly we get a clear picture of exactly what change you want and how you want to be and feel when you have made that change.

I will show you techniques to use to enable you to rapidly access that desired state, providing a mental rehearsal and programming the subconscious mind to accept the successful outcome you desire. I also usually demonstrate a self-hypnosis technique which can be used at home for general relaxation.

If time is available in the first appointment, and the complexity of the issues permits, I will conduct a trance session in which i give you positive suggestions for change, tailored to your individual presenting symptoms and your desired outcome. This trance-work is recorded digitally as an MP3 for you use at home (a CD copy can be supplied for a small charge, if requested). This repetition powerfully reinforces the suggestions. More commonly, this recording is made at the second appointment.

Subsequent appointments, if any are necessary, will involve clearing work on any remaining issues, re-affirming goals and reinforcing previous suggestion work.