The office has been closed since the onset of the Covid-19 lock-down in March 2020. After much consideration I have decided not to re-open, mainly for health and economic reasons but also because social distancing and infection control requirements would make it impossible to work in the way that has been effective for me for so many years, and to maintain the comfortable and relaxed environment the clinic became known for.

Persons looking for information about hypnotherapy and hypno-psychotherapy should contact the Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Association (CHPA) on 01 687 4526 or email info@chpa.ie. They will be able to supply you with details of qualified therapists in your area.

Similarly, information on Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and mind coaching can be obtained by contacting the Irish Institute of NLP on 01 490 2923 or email info@nlp.ie

Thank you to all my clients over the last 13 years; you have made this job a pleasure for me!

Martin Styles

July 2020