Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP is a set of psychological tools which teach you how to live more happily, become more motivated, communicate, influence and persuade more easily and improve yourself in any area of life.

It is the science of how we feel and think (Neuro), how we can use language to affect and influence those feelings in ourselves and others (Linguistic), and how we can install new patterns of behaviour and thinking (Programming).

International Association of Mind Coaches (IAMC)NLP is a set of therapeutic techniques which we can use to change thought patterns and behaviours. It originates from discoveries and experiments carried out by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970's. Bandler and Grinder began by studying the world's most effective therapists, including gestalt therapist Fritz Perls, the innovative family therapist Virginia Satir and in particular the father of modern hypnotherapy, psychiatrist Dr Milton H Erickson. Commonalities and differences were found amongst these great people changers and the secrets of the language patterns and thought patterns they used were distilled. What came out of these studies is, in my opinion, a set of tools from which change can occur more quickly and easily than ever thought possible.

The field of NLP has gone past these initial accomplishments to study the patterns, behaviours and beliefs of successful business people and those with rewarding relationships - of people that maintain their correct weight easily and of incredibly persuasive people. What NLP has found is that people that succeed all use the same kind of techniques to communicate with themselves and others! They have the same "mental tool set" that we all have, they just use them in different ways.

NLP makes use of this "communication with yourself" to help you make change more easily, to get what you want. As an NLP Master Practitioner I can help you to use this power to the benefit of yourself and others.

NLP gives you the power to be in control of your thoughts, your feelings and your life, in a way you never thought possible..  

NLP in therapy

NLP is not, in itself, a therapy but I use NLP techniques and language patterns extensively during all therapy sessions, as it provides the most effective and rapid way to promote change for the client in the present moment. It can also be very helpful in altering beliefs and feelings held about moments in the past too, when these are discovered during hypno-psychotherapy.

NLP mind coaching

Coaching is all about the future, and here too NLP provides a powerful means of clarifying goals, overcoming obstacles and steering a clear path towards achievement.

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Coronavirus Covid-19

The current pandemic situation is difficult for everyone, but especially those already suffering from anxiety issues. I want to continue to help as much as I can.

Social distancing guidelines now mean that I am unable to offer face to face therapy for the next few weeks, but I haven't gone away totally. If you need to call to talk to someone please don't hesitate to do so. In some cases it may be possible to arrange therapy sessions by Skype, FaceTime or similar.

I'm here to help.

March 2020