StylesWelcome to Riverside Hypnotherapy an Coaching, on Lavitt's Quay in Cork City. Riverside is the private practice of Martin Styles, hypno-psychotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Mind Coach. The clinic is a modern but homely setting, and equipped with the latest facilities for your comfort during therapy.

Martin offers professional and confidential therapy and coaching in a pleasant relaxed setting, right in the heart of the city of Cork. Please explore the site and find out how hypnotherapy and mind coaching can help you to....

"change your mind....and keep the change!"

I specialise in anxiety, depression and confidence issues but am also comfortable and experienced in dealing with a wide spectrum of symptoms, including smoking cessation and weight loss. For more detailed information on the many uses of hypnotherapy and NLP follow some of the links below or pick up the phone and contact me! All enquiries are dealt with in strictest confidence.

How can hypnotherapy and NLP help you?

Hypnotherapy and NLP Mind Coaching can help in a surprisingly large number of situations. Here are just a few things I can help you with. Do you want to do any of the following?........

Overcome depression 
Relax and manage your stress levels 
Overcome anxiety and panic attacks
Rid yourself of a fear or phobia
Stop smoking
Improve your confidence and self esteem
Learn self-hypnosis and mindfulness


Control your weight and eating habits in a natural healthy way


Treat your Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Treat many physical symptoms such as skin rashes, asthma, erectile dysfunction and many more
Change a habit
Solve emotional problems
Deal with relationship issues
Manage and control pain
Enhance your memory and study habits
Enhance a skill you already possess


Please read my article on hypnotherapy for children

If the answer to any of the above is "yes", then spend a few minutes looking around this web site, and discover the potential benefits and positive changes you could make in your life!

If you want to know more, just pick up the phone or e-mail me. I'm always happy to chat and delighted to explain what I do, and how I can help you!

021 487 6072

Professional care

As a holder of the European Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis I am a Member of the Chamber of European Hypno-psychotherapists within the European Association for Hypno-Psychotherapy (EAHP), which is in turn part of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). I am also a hypno-psychotherapist member of the Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Association (Ireland) (formerly known as ICHP PGA), an accredited member of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (UK) and the National Register of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (UK). I am also an accredited NLP Mind Coach with the Irish Institute of NLP and the International Association of Mind Coaches.